In 1973, an important partnership was created between BNP Paribas and tennis with the beginning of the banks’ sponsorship of the Roland Garros tournament. After almost 40 years, BNP Paribas now sponsors several other tournaments around the world, notably the BNP PARIBAS OPEN in Indian Wells, California.

As title sponsor since 2009, the bank’s North American team in charge of tennis events has taken this opportunity to create a few initiatives. One of these initiatives includes the tennis ball recycling program which began the first year of the BNP PARIBAS OPEN. This program was developed with the help of the American company reBounces* and IWTG (Indian Wells Tennis Garden, owner of the tournament).

During one weekend on the tournament’s site, individuals were able to exchange 6 or more used tennis balls, for a canister of 3 new ones. More than 4,000 tennis balls were recycled with this new project. For the 2010 edition of the tournament, the program was setup over two weekends where 15,000 tennis balls were collected. Year by year, the project continues to increase in volume.

In 2011 and 2012, the recycling program was expanded to include a contest with tennis clubs in Southern California where 125,000 tennis balls were recycled in 2011 and 145,000 in 2012.
We are very proud of this program, which aligns with our CSR initiatives and has also allowed reBounces to increase their visibility in the United States and now, internationally.

*reBounces provides tennis balls with a second life (approximately 85%) through a re-pressurization system. The remaining tennis balls (15%) are shredded and converted into tennis court surfaces.