Diagnosed with a rare disease (retinal degeneration), Leïla Bahsoun decided not only to accept her handicap but to live with it…

Thanks to the different activities in which she is involved (professional sports, public speech), Leila wishes to spread awareness regarding her visual impairment to a large audience.

Evidently, it is for this reason that the ProRaris association asked her to become their sponsor.

ProRaris, an alliance made up of 42 associations of patients living with a rare disease, must and wants to create a solid group that can openly talk about and raise awareness on rare diseases among the general public and public authorities.  Leila, argues in favor of this association and becomes their spokesperson in 2010.

A medalist in professional swimming several times, Leila explains:  “what we can do inside a swimming pool, we can do in society”.

The ProRaris association has been supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation in Switzerland.