The association, “Autisme Espoir Vers l’Ecole (AEVE)” an entirely volunteer-run project, helps autistic children reach a social and educational life that is as normal as possible.

How? AEVE relies on an intensive pedagogical method that lasts between two to three years called the “3i Method”.

How does it work?
The “3i Method” is a developmental method based on Intensive, Individual, and Interactive play, which takes place between the child and a member of his family or a voluntary worker within the association.

This play method is adapted for all children, as it responds to each child’s developmental problem and personal rhythm.

As of today, 6 000 volunteers and 35 psychologists work with nearly 200 children, but this number keeps increasing, given the positive results obtained.

AEVE is supported by BNP Paribas Foundation’s Coup de pouce programme.