L’Etoile de Martin is a French association created in 2006 by young Martin’s parents. One year long, the little boy fought valiantly against a malignant brain tumour before “reaching the stars”. Laurent and Servanne, his parents, wished to honour his memory and share their experience with other parents who have to face the same disease.

Indeed, cancer does not spare anybody: neither women, nor men and even not children. This disease is the number one cause of child mortality in France.

I only got close to this alarming reality when my own son, Benjamin, who was one and a half at the time, was diagnosed with cancer, a malignant brain tumour. Since, supported by relatives, the BNP Paribas Foundation, colleagues and my hierarchy, I have joined L’Etoile de Martin. As in the recent movie of Valerie Donzelli (“Declaration of War”), we have decided to declare war on the disease.

L’Etoile de Martin is supported by BNP Paribas Foundation’s Coup de pouce programme.