UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group and French Institute in Ukraine are gladly inviting you to take the insight into the French culture and visit “Paris d’amour” (“Paris in Love”) exhibition to be hosted by Kyiv from 16 September to 10 October 2011.

“Paris in Love” is an exhibition by Gerard Uferas, one of the most renowned contemporary photographers. His works are widely exhibited on the international scale, including in the European House of Photography (Paris), the National Gallery (London), Musée de l’Élysée (Lausanne), Henkel Collection (Germany) etc. The exhibits is on display in “Khlebnya” hall, in Sophia Kyivska national park.

“Paris in Love” is a love portrait of the city, which is fairly considered the most romantic corner on earth – the city of love. The photos by Gerard Uferas capture the happiest moments from lives of different people. The photographer portraits public and religious weddings of couples with different nationalities, social origin and religious beliefs. But all newly-weds have one thing in common – they decided to tie their hearts together in the most romantic spot worldwide. Diversity of loving couples makes a fascinating blend of cultures, which is definitely one of Paris’ prides.