Westminster EBP (Education Business Partnerships) is a programme that brings business employers and schools together to inspire young people and promote educational achievement. On 9 March 2011, an employer celebration was held, in order to recognise the role that businesses can play in supporting local schools and helping young people with their education. BNP Paribas received an award acknowledging our commitment to work-related learning.

The award is a tribute to the numerous staff members who have volunteered on our schools programme over the last few years. Over 60 staff-members go into local schools on a weekly basis to help primary school children with their reading and maths and helping secondary school students prepare for their A-level language exams. In fact our volunteers make up over 30% of Westminster’s total reading and number partners, a clear demonstration of the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff and the difference they are making to local young people.

A little bit of history…
BNP Paribas has worked with a number of local schools since 2001 but in the last three years we’ve worked hard to get it firmly established internally and to develop it with the local community.

Our location in Westminster gives us a real opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the local community. A fantastic example of this is a new project that we are supporting – Rise Up. This innovative project has brought a team of business volunteers together with a group of seven young people at risk of dropping out of school. The project, which only launched in January, will see the young people design an advertising campaign about stereotypes and domestic violence. It’s already proving to be an immeasurable success both for the young people enrolled on the programme and as an example of how businesses can help.