The Canadian offices have been celebrating diversity since World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21st. This month we hear from Alphie and Luigi Foschini from Italy.

What struck you the most upon your arrival in Quebec?
We arrived in Canada right in the middle of a snowstorm… It was incredible and what struck me was the quantity of snow that fell.

Could you tell us about an Italian tradition that does not exist here?
In Italy, we do not give gifts on Christmas day, but on January 6th, which corresponds to an old pagan holiday that celebrates death and rebirth of nature.
Mother Nature, tired of having spent all her energy would be represented as an nice old witch who would fly across the sky on her broomstick.
Mother Nature was ready to burn like a branch and reborn from her ashes as young Nature.
Before burning, the good witch would come by bearing gifts and candies to all, as if she was sowing harvest for the New Year.

What are the similarities between Quebec and your country of origin?
In ‘67, it was the opportunity to work less hard, and live better…

And to top it off…our recipe for Tiramisù!