Central Vietnam is regularly affected by floods. But this year has been exceptionally sad, with torrential rain bringing the floods to levels not been seen for decades to some of the poorest regions of the country.

BNP Paribas Vietnam collaborated with businessman Mr. Guy Lacombe, Mrs. Hue Boivineau, wife of the French Consul for the South of Vietnam, and Mrs. Minh Anh, a fashion show producer in Ho Chi Minh City, to organize two initiatives to raise funds and help the victims of the flood disaster. Donations from the Bank and staff made up to 40% of the entire amount of 300 million Dongs (over €15,300) raised to help the flood victims.

On 6 and 7 November 2010, a team of eight volunteers including three representatives of the Bank was in Ha Thinh region over the weekend. The Bank gave a scholarship grant to 60 pupils coming from the 6 most affected schools in the district of Vu Quang.

The following day, in the villages of Duc La and Bui Xa, 760 families received envelopes with cash, and packages of biscuits, rice and sugar. Local authorities, including members of popular committees, were also involved. Their help was instrumental in the organization of the food distribution whereas cash donations were given directly to the final beneficiaries.