KURUMIN markCardif Japan recently acquired the next-generation mark “Kurumin”, given to certified companies by the Health and Labour Minister. This certification is based on the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation. The goal is to promote a society where an individual can work with motivation and a sense of fulfillment and discharge his/her responsibility at work, while at the same time leading a diversity of living styles in his/her family and community life in accordance with each stage in life, such as raising children.

A large part of the program is aimed at creating an employee-friendly work environment for child-care: enhancing the system for maternity or child-care leave, reducing the working hours for employees who have children less than 6 years of age, implementing a program that promotes paid leave, reinforcing that employees take off holidays… Cardif Group has proactively worked to achieve an environment with a healthy work-life balance that enables employees to fulfill professional and private lives.

The ongoing objective is to enrich the working environment that enables all employees to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. This will include an environment that is conducive to both working and child-rearing.