From 7 to 18 December, the UN member nations are gathering in Copenhagen to negotiate and sign a climate treaty.

For two weeks, NGOs, scientists, journalists, filmmakers and others have been invited to participate in the conferences, debates, film screenings and other discussion forums in order to help raise public awareness of the issues.

For the occasion, the GoodPlanet Foundation has taken over the Copenhagen film library and is organising free film screenings on climate change and the environment. A number of celebrities will be joining Yann Arthus-Bertrand for this event, including Al Gore, who will present a lecture based on his film “An Inconvenient Truth,” and Nicolas Hulot, with his film “The Titanic Syndrome.” Many schools will be attending educational programs on the dangers of climate change.

Following the climate change special evening with Yann Arthus-Bertrand on the French state TV channel France 2, the full video of the 6 Billion Others “Climate Voices” film is also being released. The video runs for 78 minutes and is available on YouTube.

The video was created for the Copenhagen summit, and is a demonstration of the tremendous desire to share this information with the greatest possible number of people and to raise public awareness about climate change.

Watch the video “Climate Voices”:

Finally, a big hello from the entire Goodplanet 6 Billion Others team in Copenhagen (note: only the production manager is in the photo; the others are all running around trying to capture conversations as they take place). You’ll notice some of the school programs in the background, with photos of Yann; these programs are designed to help make children aware of climate change questions.