The “6 billion Others” project team from the GoodPlanet Foundation, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is on the move again. Following the major exhibition last January in the Grand Palais in Paris, it is continuing on its way – and that’s not counting a little surprise in early December for internet users who liked the exhibition or for those were not able to make it! More about that soon.

Olivier Blond, journalist on the GoodPlanet environmental information portal goodplanet.info and on-site project leader, presents this new video-based perspective:

“At the Copenhagen summit, where the top representatives of nearly 200 countries will be trying to define the international framework for the fight against global warming for the years ahead, we will be presenting a new video in the “6 billion Others” project series, with 600 new eye-witness accounts in 17 countries intended to make people aware of the human repercussions of climate change. This project, known as “6 billion Others. Climate Voices”, represents an appeal on the part of those whose lives have already been turned upside down by climate change, but is also a warning from the scientific community.”

This is the video teaser, pending the release of the official 52-minute version on the GoodPlanet website on 8 December, which was also shown at Lyons during the Lyons Festival of Lights: (also available on YouTube)

6 billion Others. Climate voices – Teaser from Goodplanet on Vimeo.

We would also like to mention the recent publication of a book, “2 degrees too high”, which is aimed at “helping everyone grasp the importance of the issues discussed at the summit”. This initiative was essentially “an opportunity to mobilise the foundation around a common goal”.