Mr Daniel Delanis, general director of BICIS, BNP Paribas subsidiary in Senegal, officially presented the Fondation Education Santé with a donation of an operation table, on the 5th edition of the Golden Carius Gala, which took place in May 2009.
The association for Education and Health (FES) was founded in 2000. Its primary purpose is helping the most susceptible groups of society, and working towards sustainable development and durable investments in health and education. This donation will allow the association to better fight face the challenges of certain endemics recurrent in the areas.

Mr. Delanis expressed his satisfaction that the bank to has been able to make this donation, and more precisely to organize a ceremony in Pikine, a suburb of Dakar, where along with the main donation, 1300 gifts and 15 wheelchairs were distributed to the children of Les Foyers Shama.
Both of these actions contribute to the social responsibility program of the bank, which pays particular attention to the underprivileged children.