A new environmental action has been launched at the BNP Paribas Open, taking place March 11-21 at the Indian Wells garden in the United States.

The first thousand people who brought 6 used tennis balls last Saturday received brand new ones, as a part of a new environmental campaign aimed at recycling. The used tennis balls will then be processed by Rebounces, a company that pioneered the technique of tennis ball recycling.

Tennis ball recycling is a process of re-pressurizing used tennis balls.  The recycled balls are then to be used as practice balls or for recreational purposes.

Today, for three years now, Rebounces successfully recycles used tennis balls and re-sells them to schools and associations at a significantly lower price, thus making the sport more affordable. According to the International Tennis Federation, over 300 million tennis balls are manufactured throughout the world each year, and according to Rebounce, this equals 20,000 tons of landfill waste.

Among other recycling campaigns associated with BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells is recycling of electronic devises and batteries.