After five years of field work Yann Arthus-Bertrand presents his colossal exposition at Grand Palais in Paris.

Almost 200 people, including stage managers, electrical engineers, scenographers, and lightning engineers, were mobilized day and night for 48 hours straight in order to set up this monumental exhibition in its full beauty.

Also known as 6MA, the ‘6 Billion Others’ exhibition was presented to the public in a manner worthy of the grandeur of the project: it consisted of 26 yurts each from 30 to 60 square meters, dozens of video screens, and a total exposition area of 8000 square meters. Each one of the yurts was set up by 6 people who worked for 4 hours to complete the installation.

The core of the exposition are 300 video portraits, presented on a big scale but yet in the intimate ambiance of the yurts, an environment conductive for trust and confession. These traditional Mongolian tents could cover up to 14 screens displaying different interviews united by a common theme.

For the hundreds people who took part of it, ‘6 Billion Others’ must have been a unique experience, but it will surely be no less fascinating for the thousands of visitors who will see it at the Grand Palais until February 12th.