The BNP Paribas Foundation has rewarded four young researchers for their research on the wheelchair, at the 21st Annual Colloquium of the Garches Foundation, held on 20 and 21 November 2008 in the Hauts de Seine region.

In 1988, the doctors at the Raymond Poincaré Hospital founded the Garches Institute, which later, in 2005, became the Garches Foundation, the aim of which was to assist people with motor handicaps to return home and to reintegrate into professional life following a hospital stay.

Since then, the foundation’s doctors and other professional staff have focused their efforts on five main areas:
- Autonomy and reintegration with the help of tools such as a permanent telephone help service or a Medical Tele-Alarm Service.
- Transport and mobility.
- Training in the use of multi-media tools.
- Medical research through allocation of research grants.
- Information and communication.